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Cuisine of Agra

It is natural for the city of the Taj Mahal, which has been an important Mughal seat for long, to boast of serving the best Mughlai cuisine. To get the real taste of authentic Mughlai cuisine or the cuisine of Agra, one needs to travel to Agra. Agra offers a variety of cuisines for travelers from far and wide. Besides the Mughlai cuisine, which saw its birth in this region, the city offers a varied fare in its eating out option. The Taj Ganj area has a number of makeshift eateries catering to budget travelers.

City of Agra produces some excellent Multicuisine menus. Some of the famous things at Agra are its local sweets like petha and gazak, and saltish snack called dalmoth.

Cuisine of Agra A tour to India would take you to the city of Agra where you will find several India's famous meat dishes prepared the kitchen of the Mughals.You can enjoy the taste of Kababs, which are pieces of meat marinated in spices and skewered over a coal tandoor. In Cuisines of Agra, some of the famous Mughlai dishes include tandoori chicken, seekh and boti kabab and even tandoori fish.

The superb Mughlai cuisine with its luscious sauces of milk, curd, cream and crushed nuts is available in major hotels and restaurants in Agra. To add a local taste to your food, besides hotels and restaurants, one should also try out the small dhabas that are easily located in the city. These serve a variety of food items at cheaper rates. India tour Packages offer a tour to Agra where you will find all this and more.