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Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan Tribal Tour

A Rajasthan tribal tour with Indian Horizons can be one of the most exciting and enlightening experiences of your life. In fact it is a window to one of the most unexplored areas of Rajasthan's multi ethnic character. This unconventional way of touring Rajasthan opens up a whole new world for you that beckons you to come and explore it.

As you wade through the enchanting historical facts and legends on your Rajasthan tribal tour you will be transported to a world that has still managed to retain its old charm in spite of the onslaught of time and various commercial forces. You also get a first hand experience of the intriguing traditions and customs of tribal Rajasthan that are interspersed with lots of color and variety.

Another interesting feature of your Rajasthan Tribal Tour is that you get a wonderful opportunity to interact with the some of the colorful tribes like the Bishnoi's, Bhils, Gaduliya Lohars, Damors and Sahariyas. In fact your Rajasthan tribal tour brings you very close to an enchanting culture that is replete with tales of honor, pride and love.

As you discover a very mesmerizing facet of Rajasthan's culture during your Rajasthan tribal tour, you also gather a wealth of information about Rajasthan and its ethnic tribal population. For example, you discover that the Bhils are skilled hunters and born bowmen. You will find many legends associated with the Bhils who occupy a very important place in the portals of Rajasthan's history. The tale of Eklavya, a Bhil warrior says that he was more adept with his bow than Arjuna of the great Indian epic, Mahabharata. Another interesting tale glorifies Valiya a dreaded Bhil dacoit who turned into a holy sage after a long penance and was henceforth known as the great Rishi Valmiki. It may be noted that Valmiki is the very person who documented the famous Indian epic Ramayana.

It is also said that most of the famous Rajput clans trace their origin to some of the brave tribal races of Rajasthan. As you gather these interesting facts about the tribal populace of Rajasthan, you will also gain a wide exposure to their tribal crafts, ethnic costumes, chunky traditional jewelry. But this is not all; the Rajasthan tribal tour with Indian Horizons has much more to offer. Do embark on this unconventional but exciting tour and gain pleasant memories for a lifetime.

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Rajasthan Tribal Tour
Explore Rajasthan Tribes  

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