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Rajasthan Wedding Tour

A Rajasthan wedding tour with Indian Horizons takes you past cultural corridors hitherto unexplored. Participate in age-old customs; see brilliant folk fiestas, radiant brides and chivalrous Rajput bridegrooms as enjoy a Rajasthan wedding tour.

A Rajasthan wedding tour helps you unravel enchanting social customs of a royal land. A wedding in Rajasthan is much more than a social affair that joins two people in wedlock, it is usually a demonstration of social standing and financial status of the families involved. You'll be enamored with royal glitz, glamorous gatherings, cultural functions and lavish exchange of presents.

See age-old social customs being enacted, while on a traditional Rajasthan wedding tour. Feel trapped in a delightful time warp where everything seems novel, exciting and new. Step into a land of color and customs on a Rajasthan wedding tour and treat yourself to elaborate social gatherings that showcase the social position of the families of the bride and the bridegroom.

Social functions and ceremonies such as pili chitthi, mehendi, haldi, pheras, pag phera etc. mesmerize you completely. Listen to Vedic chants recited by pundits while the radiant bride and the groom walk around the holy fire seven times.

A Rajasthan wedding tour with Indian Horizons offers you ample opportunity to experience the haunting romance that cloaks vibrant Rajasthan in hues of intriguing rituals.
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